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 Welcome to my blog!

    The idea of writing something that hundreds, or thousands, or even one person might read was terrifying to me. I was very self-conscious about spelling something wrong or putting a comma in the wrong place. That fear has kept me from creating a blog… until now.

     This isn’t about sales. I’m here if you decide you want hands on help, but the blog isn’t really geared towards that. This is my creative outlet. This is where I can do what I love — create, inspire, & design. Creating is my passion. I love scrapbooking, antiquing, design and all things crafty. I’ll post some tips, tricks, examples, and DIY guides to help others create as well. Every creation begins with a spark of inspiration. From a brittle seashell to an old wooden globe, I love finding daily inspiration for design. This is a place to share the sources of my inspiration, and hopefully help you look for them in your own life…

     …I believe people have different forms of communicating. Some communicate through music, some on a canvas, and others with written word. I communicate through design, and it’s my privilege to help others translate their story through design. Those stories will be on the blog as well. Great examples of the backgrounds we’ve painted for my clients lives are showcased in a very visual way.

     The blog won’t always be grammatically perfect, but if you also speak the language of design, I think the point will come across just fine. I’m proud to (finally) share my blog with you all!

It has been a delight to work with Angela Ireland! She has impeccable taste and makes the whole process painless. Angela has worked on two projects for us–one on a shoe-string budget and one larger project. In both cases, she was mindful of our budget and our needs. She not only designs a space, but she literally places each item perfectly (this includes hanging large and awkward pieces on the wall!). She is so very talented and has a gift for transforming spaces to make them beautiful, special, and functional. I give her my highest recommendation.


I would highly recommend Angela Ireland Interiors to my friends and family, as my experience was exceptional. I was looking for a sofa and a different look for my new place. Angela was able to go above and beyond in meeting my expectations, including accent paint colors, accessories, wall art, a gorgeous new comfortable sofa that fit my space perfectly, as well as possibilities for new future additions to my place. Angela’s eye for design is amazing, of which she is able to incorporate into one’s own personal style and preferences. I love my new place and now that it is all decorated and designed, I love to live in it–thanks to Angela. She made picking out paint colors, and a whole new look incredibly easy and low stress! Thanks so much Angela!!!!


Angela is amazing. I have been working with her for the past couple years and she is sweet, professional, talented, and has great style! I started working with her after I got divorced to help re-design my home to make it more “me” and she did a wonderful job! I am extremely happy with everything she has done. She is very honest, affordable, and concious of the budget. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone!


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